Remembrance/Bereavement photography can be an uncomfortable thought to a grieving family at first, however, these once in a lifetime photographs will quickly become a grieving parent’s or families’ most prized possession.


“There is no footprint too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world.”

A family has just a very small amount of time to decide if this is right for them.  Our blogs are designed to help a family feel more comfortable with the thought and process of remembrance photography of their child.


Here’s how our organization works.

When a family experiences a loss, a parent info kit will be given to the parents by the hospital staff.  This kit will explain what we provide and direct them to our site.  We encourage parents and families to read about past experiences from former loss parents on the importance and meaning of their child’s remembrance photographs.  Parents can choose to be in the pictures with their baby, or the baby can be photographed separately with the assistance of the nursing staff.

Once the parents request our services, the hospital staff will immediately contact one of our volunteer photographers who will make his/her way directly to the hospital for the photography session.

Our photographers will come with clothing and blankets for your child.  All items used in the shoots will be presented to the family in a memory box at the conclusion of the shoot.

Within 48 hours of the photography session, parents will receive digital files of the photographs via email from the photographers.  These files will also contain a print release for personal use and unlimited reprinting.

All of our services are donated by the local photographers and Olivia’s Grace organization.

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